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What People Are Saying

It's a fantastic book...

 “For years I have been looking for the perfect Puppy Guide to recommend to my clients, and at last I have found it! The heartfelt, easy to read, stories along with the practical dog training instructions make this book truly exceptional. It's a fantastic book!” 

 –  Abigail Witthauer, CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA, VSPDT, Owner/Director of Training at Roverchase Service Dogs

Honest and wonderfully entertaining...

Raising the Worst Dog Ever: A Survival Guide is an honest and wonderfully entertaining look at the complex relationship between a woman and her dog. Readers will not only gain a better understanding of their own dogs by reading this book, they will empathize with all the challenges as well as appreciate the pure joys of sharing their lives with these incredible animals.”  

– Victoria Stilwell, dog trainer and behavior expert

As valuable as it is matchless...

“To know dogs is to love dogs; to have puppies is to need help! Dale Ward will help you tame your puppy beast through professional, positive, relationship-based training chapters on the heels of her own experiences with her beloved worst dog ever in an amusing and often poignant narrative. Raising the Worst Dog Ever: A Survival Guide is so refreshingly unique in both its format and utility. It is as valuable as it is matchless.” 

– Rachael Benner, dog owner, dog lover, literary scholar

Heartwarming and hilarious...

“As a dog photographer who has had to help numerous rescues, animal shelters, and individuals re-home dogs with serious behavior issues that started because puppies were not sufficiently trained in the beginning, I sincerely wish this was required reading for every new puppy owner. So many sad cases could have been prevented with proper training in the beginning, and this book is a fun & entertaining way to learn about proper puppy training. This book is not your usual dry How to Raise a Puppy manual. Instead it is interspersed with personal heartwarming and hilarious tales about raising the worst dog ever. Everyone - from puppy newbies to experienced dog owners - can learn something from it.”
– Hannah Stonehouse Hudson, public speaker, writer, old dog lover, Principle at HSH Communications.

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Recommended Reading for All Clients

As a dog trainer, I am always on the lookout for great dog training books to recommend to my clients. I have found my new recommendation with "Raising the Worst Dog Ever". Dale breaks down, in wonderful detail, how to work on the basics behaviors each puppy will need. In the midst of providing this great information, she shares an emotional journey of her own...raising Wylie. The ups, downs, frustrations and joys of pet ownership are all in this book. It is now on my "recommended reading" list for all clients.  

~ A. Weeks - Owner of Amy's Canine Kindergarten

It's So Relatable

If you have a new puppy, this book is a must read! It's a little bit training manual and a little bit memoir, I love the stories Dale shares because it's so relatable! My new puppy is a lot like baby Wylie, I saw so much of him as I read my way through. I have hope that through positive, force free training, I'll develop the bond with my boy that Dale had with her Wylie girl. Thanks for sharing your story with us!

~ M. Newcomb

It Helped me Understand my Rescues

Wonderful book whether you have a new puppy or wanting to correct behaviors for beloved adult dogs. The book contains techniques for getting results in simple training sessions, knowing when medical help is needed, polishing unreliable behaviors in overexcited dogs, and knowing how to handle fear and aggression. This book covers basic training, getting the right puppy supplies, housetraining and socialization, behavior and body language, as well as fun games. It helped me to understand my current rescues with real life examples I am experiencing now – with warmth and humor. Get this book. It is a wonderful love story!

~ K. Mitchell

I Found Myself Laughing Out Loud

I am loving this book! Having just gotten the first puppy in 20+ years, there has been some really helpful information (and I’ve had dogs my entire life). The story about Dale and Wylie has been truly what sets this book apart. I’ve found myself laughing out loud (making my puppy, Rizzo, wonder what he’s done to make mommy laugh) and I’ve cried/sobbed. It’s a touching book written so well with great information about raising a dog, whether you are contemplating your first dog or you, like me, have had dogs your whole life. I am constantly learning something new. Thank you, Dale for writing such a touching and informative book. 

~ L. Woten

Laugh, Cry, and Cheer on Wylie

Wonderful book! I so enjoyed this book. I am a new dog owner and this was a beautiful story but also so helpful with training tips and explanations of why a dog acts like a dog. The alternating chapters of story and training was unique and made the training tips easy to follow. Most dog training books are boring and have lots of info that is hard to understand for a novice like me. Having the story made everything flow together. Dale will make you laugh and cry and cheer on Wylie with their adventures. If you love dogs and need some training help you need to read this book! 

~ T. Greene

Wonderful Training Guide for Everything DOG

I have ordered 4 for friends and family. This is not only a touching memoir but a wonderful training guide for everything DOG!!! Dale, you nailed it!!

~ S. Bergeson