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About the Book

It's A Memoir

This book tells the story of two lives and how they randomly, magically intersected. It’s the chronicle of the Wylie One of Highbridge and her human, and their escapades and antics. Dale learns how to train a puppy through trial and error, making mistakes along the way, figuring things out as situations and problems arise. Following each story, read the solid training advice on how to effectively and efficiently address those particular issues. You will learn how to train a dog and much more!

It's A Dog Training Book

But this book is more than a memoir! It’s also chock full of excellent advice on how to train a puppy - everything from your first night home together, to socialization, housetraining, puppy biting, leash manners, and much more. It’s all covered right here. Every tale Dale tells about herself and her dog Wylie is followed by detailed guidance and instruction on how to train a dog and how to handle those particular puppy issues. 

It's An Amazing Story

Follow Dale’s path from hurt to healing and finding a lost connection with dogs as one dog in particular changes the course of her life forever.  

You will LAUGH. You will CRY. You will LEARN.